RV Winterization: 3 Reasons to Book Today

Winter is just around the corner, and with the temperatures dropping fast, there’s no time to waste getting your RV ready for the cold. At Northern Michigan RV, we’re offering RV winterization today and tomorrow for just $89.95! Protect your RV from the cold winter weather today!

RV winterization banner.

Why should I winterize my RV?

Water will turn to ice as the temperature drops and eventually gets below freezing. Because ice expands, any water left in the plumbing of your RV while it is outdoors over the winter can cause the pipes to crack. In the spring, when everything has thawed, cracked pipes will lead to massive water damage.

What does it take to winterize an RV?

Winterizing your RV is pretty simple, but you have to be diligent to ensure it’s done right and no water is left in the pipes. At Northern Michigan RV, our technicians have years of experience winterizing RVs, so they’re very good at getting your RV’s tanks, and plumbing drained, preparing your water heater, and cycling antifreeze through the system.

What other RV services should I get before storing my RV for the winter?

When you bring your RV to Northern Michigan RV, you’ll have the confidence you need knowing that our team will not only winterize your RV, but we’ll do a spot and seal check for you, too! It’s vital to get your RV’s roof inspected every year to avoid potential leaks or long-term damage. Additionally, a general maintenance appointment is a good idea before you put it away for the season.

Contact us today to schedule your RV winterization or other RV services.

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