RV Tips: 5 Spring Camping Tips

If you are planning your spring camping vacation, don’t miss these RV tips that will help you get ready!  Spring is a common time for new RVers to finally get out to the campground for the first time and try out their new RV from Northern Michigan RV.  If you’re ready to head to the campground, these RV tips can help you make the most of your time away.

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Check the Weather

Spring weather is notoriously hard to predict. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the incoming weather. We recommend getting a weather app like AccuWeather for your smartphone, which makes it easy to check the weather in your location and any destination you are traveling to this spring.


Plan for Rain

Even with a clear forecast, plan for rain.  Whether it comes in the early morning hours or late evening, there will most likely be rain during your stay.  Pack tarps to cover your outdoor gear, as well as towels, rain boots, and umbrellas to help keep yourself dry.

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Pack in Layers

Another common spring camping problem is the vastly changing temperatures.  Mid-day temperatures may be perfect for shorts and tees, while mornings and evenings are frigid.  Plan to wear layers every day so that you can easily adjust to the changing weather.

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Scout Your Campsite

If possible, scout out your campsite to learn if it is dirt, gravel, or concrete. You’ll want to avoid dirt campsites during the spring since they will often be muddy and unpleasant to camp in during rainy seasons. Save dirt campsites for summer camping when the weather is drier.

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Take Bug Spray

Flowers aren’t the only thing starting to make an appearance in the spring.  Bugs and other pests are coming out of hibernation, as well.  It’s a good idea to pack bug spray for your crew, especially if you are planning to do some hiking on the local trails.  Mosquitos and ticks are common in mid to late spring.


We hope these easy RV tips for your spring camping trip will help you make the most of your time away.  Contact us to find your dream RV today!

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